Terms and Conditions of Trade

Clarity about the terms of Contract that you form with your customers is a cornerstone of managing the relationship with your customer.

Whether the customer contract is formed online, over the phone or in store (or all of the above) our commercial lawyers are regularly advising on:

  • Processes to ensure that your Terms & Conditions of Trade (Ts & Cs) are clearly communicated to the customer before or at the time the contract is formed and agreed to;
  • How to manage Purchaser Orders submitted on different Ts and Cs and which set of Ts and Cs applies. It is not enough simply to have a clause in your Ts and Cs to say that they prevail;
  • What can and can’t be included in your Terms  & Conditions of Trade.

For more information about Terms and Conditions of Trade visit our resource center or to find out how our Brisbane employment and commercial lawyers can help you visit our website or call us on 07 3252 0011.

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