Free client webinar – PPSR Registration Tips

by Andrew Lind on 4 February, 14

Tuesday 18 February 2014 – Short & Sharp Client Webinar – 12.30 – 1.00pm (Brisbane time) – PPSR Registration Tips

  • Define security interest for me
  • Who has priority? – consider unregistered and registered security interests
  • Do we have a security agreement? – legal requirements for enforcement
  • Time for registration – note no more transitional protection – get your “skates on”!
  • What am I securing? – obligations, purchase price or payments (i.e. ongoing supply of goods on ROT basis)
  • What is the collateral? – defining property by class and description (including when VIN etc is required)
  • Additional registration tips – secured party groups, duration, proceeds, using the register, grantor details

Presenter: Kathleen Watt (Lawyer) has developed a deep and practical knowledge of the PPSA and the PPSR providing both technical advice and “how to” training to clients.

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