Schools establishing an international campus

Our private independent schools in Australia have a lot to be proud of and have entered a new stage of maturity with a number of them seeking to birth new operations in overseas countries particularly in the Asian region.

Such a desire is admirable, however the differences in the landscape in  other national  jurisdictions  should not be underestimated.

Colleges need to consider the need to take good counsel before embarking on the jurisdictional differences they need to be aware of including:

  • foreign investment rules
  • corporate holdings
  • property issues
  • other cultural and legal realties
  • taxation issues
  • the implications for Australian charities doing business offshore

Those differences need the application of both wisdom and patient diplomacy.

Our expertise and experience in advising the School Law sector in Australia has now extended into  several  international jurisdictions including – China, Japan, Thailand and New Zealand.

It makes good sense to take some early wise counsel from our Schools Law team.

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