Child Support – how do you navigate it?

Child Support can be a complex area to navigate.  In family law there is a fundamental principle that “each parent of a child has a duty to maintain their child.” This principle gives rise to the notion of child support. The issue of child support arises where parents are separated or divorced. Either the mother or the father can apply to the Department of Human Services (Child Support) (“the CSA”) for a child support assessment. The purpose of an assessment is to ascertain what each parent is either entitled to or liable to pay to maintain thier child. The CSA has adopted a formula to make this assessment and calculate the amount of child support payable.

But what if we do not want to involve the Department of Human Services?

Child Support Agreements are worth some consideration. They are a useful tool for parents to use where there is agreement as to the amount of child support payable. Child support agreements bypass the use of the child support formula to allow parents to agree on terms of payment. There are two (2) ways in which a child support agreement can be formulated. Click here to read more.

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