Will Preparation – Myth 7 – my child has not spoken to me for decades and will not get anything from my estate

Not so.

A child, even a long term estranged child, has standing to make application to the court for “just and adequate provision” from your estate if you have not done so in your Will. In Queensland this is called a Family Provision application.

It makes sense to take advice from an experienced Estate Planning and Will making lawyer at the time of making your Will about how to manage this risk. Supporting documents (separate from your Will) are able to be prepared at the time of making your Will to help mitigate this risk.

Our Brisbane based lawyers help clients right around Australia with Will making and Estate Planning. We are now offering a 20 minute initial consultation (in our office or by telephone or Skype) with one of our experienced Will making and Estate Planning lawyers (from our Brisbane office) for a low fixed fee. Send us an email if you are interested in a price for this.

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