Queensland Conveyancing – simpler Sustainability Declarations

As you are no doubt aware, from 1 January 2010 sellers  of residential property in Queensland need to supply a Sustainability Declaration to prospective buyers outlining the energy and water saving attributes of their home, townhouse or unit.

A new, simpler version of the sustainability declaration was released on 4 February 2010 following feedback from the public and industry.

The previous version of the form will still be accepted however use of the new version is encouraged.  For further information see: the Queensland Government Web Site

Our Brisbane Conveyancing Solicitors & Gold Coast Conveyancing Lawyers are right up to date.

More information: www.corneyandlind.com.au

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  1. Recently sepeated from partner and house is in his name as I was stay at home mum and he was the money earner. As part of seperation settlement I want my name on house deed to keep as investment and he will keep paying the morgatge, which he has agreed to.
    Can this be done legally without having to refinance or have it effect the morgatge

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