I was riding my bicycle on the road and was hit by a car. I cannot return to work. What can I do?

Bicycles and Motor Vehicles have had to get use to sharing the roads since the rising trend of using bicycles as a method of transport. Bicycles and Motor Vehicles have the same rights and responsibilities on the road. It is a horrifying situation to be hit by a car when riding a bicycle. The impact to your livelihood is enormous if you are not able to make a quick recovery. We would strongly recommend that you seek medical attention and discuss the situation directly with your employer.

Depending on when the accident occurred you may be entitled to lodge a WorkCover Statutory Benefits Application. You may also have the right to lodge a claim against the insurer of the vehicle that collided with you. To ensure you are protecting all your legal rights we would recommend contacting the police to report the accident.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice to facilitate all aspects of your compensation claim.

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