PPSR – seek specialist legal assistance in registering a security interest on the PPSR

There is nothing particularly simple about registering your security interest on the PPSR.

Before you start, assuming you do have a written Security Agreement (and you are satisfied that it confers the the rights you might need if there is a default):

  • there is a Secured Party Group to be established – then all types of decisions to make including –
  • the type of security interest?
  • the Collateral over which is to be registered and how it should be described?
  • are there any prior registered security intrests over the Collateral you are wanting to take “first” registered security over?
  • should the Collateral be identified by serial number?
  • the length of time it is to be registered for?
  • is it to apply to “proceeds”?
  • time for registration? (the “horse may have bolted” for a PMSI)

It pays to have one of our commercial lawyers assist you with PPSR Registration. If you have multiple registrations we offer a fixed fee per registration.

Next step? Contact us asking for a PPSR Registration Consultation, a 20-30 minute fixed fee teleconference during which we provide some preliminary advice on your PPSR Registrations and from there are able to quote on undertaking registations for you should you instruct us to.

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