Managing Workplace Relations

Managing workplace relations has become increasingly complex for employers.  Particularly with the rise of litigation and increasing statutory burdens imposed on employers by Anti-Discrimination legislation, the management of employee relations and responding to concerns about employee conduct has become a legal minefield for employers. There are 4 main tactics that  can be employed for managing workplace relations and matters of employee misconduct, which have been drawn from some recent case examples.  Whilst adopting these tactics will not guarantee your school or workplace immunity from litigation, complaint or adverse public comment, they will at least go some way to protecting your organisation from such concerns.

4 Tactics for effectively managing workplace relations

  1. Be consistent
  2. Ensure your employment contracts support your values and beliefs
  3. Be fair & give natural justice to your employees
  4. Show leadership and make the hard decisions

To read more detail about the 4 main tactics and how they should be applied to the management of your employees click here.

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