Why would UK charities be interested in setting up in Australia?

If you plan to set up a charity in Australia, here’s a few things you need to consider.

There are many reasons why people decide to start a charitable cause. It may be a need to promote and protect human rights or to protect animals from cruelty.  It could be a passion to meet the needs of a community and caring for people, like the provision of soup kitchens or shelters for the homeless. 

Whatever the purpose may be, the need to reach out and help others continues to be of vital importance around the world.

Charities can be found all over Australia. Spread out all over the country, they continue to assist the Australian economy with millions of volunteers that work passionately for the charity sector.

The governing body for charities in Australia – the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (the “ACNC”) reported approximately 56,000 registered charities in the country. This number is expected to grow by 4% each year.

This is very promising for overseas charities looking for an opportunity to set up in Australia as the ACNC reports a continuous increase in demand for new charities. 

I have a UK Charity, can I set up in Australia?  

Absolutely!  If you’re looking to increase your scope to opening an office beyond your borders, there is room for you in Australia. The process of setting up may not be straightforward, however withproper

legal help, you can concentrate on the charity work you are passionate about. 

Be warned though, if set up incorrectly, it can prove to be a costly and inconvenient experience, which could further lead to a penaltyor incur extra cost which would be better used for the benefit of your charity. 

There are a range of set-ups you can adopt to become a charity in Australia and the ACNC welcomes charities that relate to:

  • Family planning and support services  
  • Religious organisations 
  • Citizens committees 
  • Universities and industry training organisations
  • Non-government schools 
  • Animal protection societies
  • International aid programs
  • Child care services  
  • Residential and non-residential care and assistance
  • Museums and libraries 
  • Environmental education

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What are some benefits of setting up a charity in Australia?  

Well, to name a few – the following may apply:

  • tax concessions and benefits; 
  • eligibility for deductible gift recipient status; and
  • a number of Commonwealth benefits, including grants and regulatory exemptions. 

Of course, our advice is – if you are a U.K. Charity or not-for-profit, with an interest to set up in Australia, it would be best to seek legal advice from our experienced not-for-profit lawyers that are actively involved in the charity sector.  

Our lawyers wealth of experience includes serving as board members for schools, churches and charities.  Get the legal expertise you need. Call and speak to one our client engagement team on +61 07 3252 0011 or send us an email: enquiry@corneyandlind.com.au

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