Managing Workplace Relations – Tactics and Case Studies

Alistair Macpherson (Senior Associate) and part of our Not for Profit Law (Non Profit) team and Employment Law team presented a paper to Christian Schools Australia (Queensland) Industrial Relations Conference on 20 February 2009 titled:

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3 Replies to “Managing Workplace Relations – Tactics and Case Studies”

  1. My daughter has been offered a hospitality job where the salary package includes a wage amount (around $45,000) plus 15% of the company profits. She is a PAYG employee. Are there any tax implications for her which she needs to be aware of?

  2. This tax question is one for your accountant.

    The issues that come to my mind are:

    – Is your daughter to be a shareholder?
    – If she is, as a minority shareholder she would want to see that there was a Shareholder’s Agreement with a clear Dividend policy, expenditure limitations (so that profit does not disappear) and obligations to regularly report to her.

    – If she is not to be a shareholder – the Employment Contract will have to be very detailed about how profit is calculated, how often and when the profit share payments are to be made.

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