No Excuse for Domestic Violence in the Confines of a Relationship

Domestic violence is unacceptable. The report released by VIC Health doesn’t surprise us much, but it is a serious concern. And should not be tolerated. There is NO excuse for domestic violence including sexual violence in the confines of a relationship (whether that relationship is a short term or long term one).

This is what we are dealing with when we are responding to domestic violence concerns – so often, we are called on to educate our clients, our friends and family, and our churches about what domestic violence is and that it is unacceptable. Clearly, a large portion of the community at large are quite willing to “excuse” violent behavior, or explain why it is not the perpetrator’s fault. But this ignores the fact that it is the perpetrator’s choice to behave in this way. Victims don’t choose to be the victim of a violent incident.

Domestic violence and sexual assault has long lasting and pervasive effects – on the victim, their friends, their family, and their future partners. Even if it is “low level” (and I use that phrase with reluctance) compared to other violence we see. In fact, there is some research to suggest that the economic effect alone in terms of lost income to the victim, and lost productivity for the businesses they are employed in is staggering.

Our challenge to you is this – what steps have you taken and will you take, to speak truth about this issue, and call it what it really is – unacceptable violence? Do your friends and family know your stand on this issue? Do they know that if they are in trouble they can come to you and you will stand with them?

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing domestic violence, please contact one of our Brisbane Lawyers based in Herston and allow us to help you however we can.

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