Making a Will – use the slow down to finally prepare and sign a Will

Writing a Will is one of those jobs that seems to be put off for another day. More than half Australian’s don’t have an up to date Will.

“I don’t own anything”, I hear you say. What about Super?

If you die without a Will there are statutory rules that determine where your estate goes. This is often in directions that you may not intend.

Remove the uncertainty. Demonstrate your love for those you will leave behind. Make a Will today.

Our Will making lawyers draft Wills for people all over Australia. Our work can all be done by email and phone for a fixed fee. So for under $200 (including GST) for a full service lawyer prepared Will why wouldn’t you do it. (And yes, you can pay by credit card with no merchant fee added).

Contact our Will Making Solicitors today and we get it done.

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