Estate & Succession Planning – specialist legal advice is the key

A modest investment in a tailored Will with specialist estate planning and succession planning advice can save your estate and loved ones thousands of dollars.

Our estate planning legal team will help you understand and effectively navigate:

– those you have a duty to adequately provide for in your Will

– if you are intending to leave your estate in a manner that is likely to disappoint some, strategies to manage the risk of your estate being dragged into costly and lengthy litigation

– massive tax advantages of properly considered distribution and use of testamentary trusts

– the effective use of binding death benefit nominations for your superannuation and the risks of not using them (especially if you have a former partner or spouse)

– succession of control of trust assets that do not form part of your estate to be disposed of by your Will

A one hour consultation with one of our estate planning and succession planning lawyers will be one of the best investments you ever make. This consultation may be face to face or by telephone (even skype). Contact our Client Services Manager today by email or phone for a fixed fee quote for this consultation. (Our Estate Planning clients include clients outside Queensland).

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