Conveyancing – Qld home duty concession to be “reinstated” from 1 July 2012

Be careful – option agreements entered into before 1 July are not going to work to secure the duty reduction that will come through from 1 July 2012.

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4 Replies to “Conveyancing – Qld home duty concession to be “reinstated” from 1 July 2012”

  1. My parents are interested in giving a percentage of their house title that we all live to myself (daughter) and my husband. My question to you is it better to have our share just put into my name and then can i transfer a percentage to my husband’s name without having to pay of double the stamp duty. The house is under a home loan but we are not adding my husbands name to the loan will it still be considered a re-finance by the bank or just a name change?
    Any information will be helpful.

  2. Hi Kat

    These questions require specific advice considering issues such as:

    – Current ownership
    – Basis (e.g. PPR) and length of current ownership
    – Third party security issues
    – Co-ownership issues
    – Potential affect on pension benefits (if applicable)

    If this concerns a Queensland property please contact our office if you would like to make an appointment with one of our property lawyers for this purpose. A 30 minute appointment (in person or by phone) would be sufficient plus a Title Search.

  3. Hi my partner has signed a contract in July 2012 for a unit off the plan. We have paid the deposit and are awaiting to move in. However my partner has lost his job which means we need to relocated to another town and are wanting and needing to get out off this contract. We are wanting to no how we can go about this as we do not want this property any longer. Any help would be off great help.

  4. Hi Ruby

    If the property you have contracted on is Queensland I suggest that you keep an initial conference with one of our Dispute Resolution lawyers who have had experience in exiting from off-the-plan contracts. Nathan Donovan, Lawyer is the go to man on our legal team for this. You will need to contact our office an ask for a quote for a 2 hour initial conference with Nathan.


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