Targeted legal advice – is your top tier, mid tier or boutique law firm providing it?

When clients come to us as their lawyers, they usually already have in their minds the outcome they desire.

Our task as lawyers is to understand our client’s desired outcome; test how realistic it is, reshape it as necessary in conversation with our client; and then map and implement a path to arrive at the reshaped client desired outcome, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

It seems to me that clients don’t want to know how much law we know, everything that could go wrong, or even have almost every conceivable risk covered off. If a short form Agreement will get our client the desired outcome, why do we draft a fifty page Agreement? How much legal spend is involved in covering off risks that in practice are really not risks at all? Is this
“insurance” our clients really want to buy?

The art of being a good lawyer, it seems to me, is knowing the law our client well enough to know what’s important to our client and what’s not; what risks they would like to manage and what risks they would not care less about; and having the courage to have our documents serve those desired outcomes. Our clients should expect acumen and commercial judgment.

What do you think? I would be genuinely interested in your comments.

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  1. Hi Carol

    A big question which I suggest needs to first start with your accountant and then come to us as lawyers.

    Why? – the advantages are largely driven around what the business needs and the ability to split income.

    If these things point to doing it then the legal risks about partners being liable (jointly and severally) for partnership liabilities can be considered and advised on.

    All the best

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